Merrick Terms and Conditions

Merchant may be charged for Payment Card Network dues and assessments at a rate of up to 0.20% on Merchant’s total sales volume.

In addition to the foregoing, Merchant may be charged any of the General Fees, Premium Service Fees, PCI DSS Validation Fees, and Merchant Supply Fees as set forth above and may be charged any of the following fees for qualifying transactions which will be displayed as separate line items: Cross Border transaction assessment of up to 1.75%; International Acquirer and Service fees of up to 1.50%; CVC2 Fee, Payment Card Network Access/Usage Fee of up to $0.05 per transaction; Digital Enablement Fee of up to 0.05%; Mastercard Licensing Fee of up to 0.05%; Visa Claims Resolution fee of up to $2.00 per chargeback; and Misuse of Authorization Fee, Mastercard Freight Assessment Fee, Processing/Transaction Integrity Fee, Zero Floor Limit Fee, and Zero Dollar Verification Fee of up to $0.20 or 0.25% per transaction

Merchant will be assessed the following Card Network fees each month: Fixed Network Fee and Acceptance and Licensing Fee (the “FNF Fees”). These fees, which may vary each month, are based on Merchant Category Codes, the number of merchant locations by Merchant’s taxpayer identification number, and/or Merchant’s processing volume by Merchant’s taxpayer identification number. 8) POS high-speed processing may be subject to a one time set up fee of up to $100.00, depending on provider.

Participation Fee 0.20%, Participation fee is an additional fee charged for accepting American Express OptBlue and will be charged the, product of the rate and OptBlue settled volume.”

In the event EPSG reimburses Merchant for a deconversion or other similar fee paid to a prior processor, EPSG may bill the Merchant for the reimbursement amount in the event Merchant terminates the Merchant Processing Agreement in violation of the procedures set forth in either Section 4.02 or 5.09 of the Merchant Processing Agreement.

Merchant will be assessed a Merchant Location Fee of $1.75, a Network Fee of $2.50 each month, and an EPSG Semi-Annual Reporting Fee of up to $49.95.

If “Simplified Pricing”: All transactions will be assessed the percentage, per item and authorization fee indicated above. Simplified Pricing includes all interchange fees, FNF Fees, and Payment Card Network access/Usage Fees, but may not include Cross Border transactions assessments, International Acquirer and Service Fees, Chargeback fees, Retrieval Fees, or any General or Premium Service Fees or PCI DSS Validation Fees set forth above.

PIN Debit Participation Fee includes costs associated with, among other things, PIN Debit Networks (such as Star, Jeanie, Pulse, NYCE, and others), PIN Debit Sponsor, and PIN Debit Gateways.

Merchants assessed their Discount Rate at the end of each month instead of daily may be charged a Monthly Discount Billing Fee in an amount based on their settled transaction volume.

Inactive Fee charged in any month when there is no processing volume; implemented 90 days after boarding.