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With an emphasis on Merchant support, robust platforms, and cutting edge sales tools; EPSG is the top pick of the best and brightest in the industry.

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The payment processing space for independent sales professionals has become tougher and tougher of late. Providers abandoning any sort of support has made maintaining a portfolio almost impossible. Pair that with the ever-evolving needs of a more sophisticated business owner and increasingly complicated processing platforms, growing your portfolio has become equally as difficult. At EPSG, we know what you need. You need cutting edge tools and systems to make doing business easier. You need a company that can say “YES” more to the complex industries and technical platforms in our space. And you need a company that is dedicated to supporting both you and your merchants first and foremost; because if you can’t keep, you can’t grow… or retire. With a 15-year track record of serving the independent sales professional, and almost 100 years of combined merchant services industry experience, EPSG provides the tools and benefits for a superior experience while building a lasting portfolio.

Sales Partner Tools

At EPSG, we pride ourselves on providing expert technical support and customer services to you and our merchants. Our state-of-the-art Service Center is driven by the latest technology innovations to solve any issues quickly ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Incoming calls are automatically funneled through our Algorithmic Routing Center (ARC) software and are answered in less than a minute.

In their pursuit of financial freedom, our Sales Partners have a world class support team behind them. EPSG provides our sales partners everything they need to build a life-changing portfolio and income.
EPSG’s support team gives you everything an experienced industry professional needs to maximize their portfolio and earnings.

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