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EPIC Next Generation

Not long ago we significantly reconstructed our portfolio management website, EPIC. Since then, EPIC Next Gen has been actively available and it is something we don’t want you to miss!

What is EPIC?

EPIC is a one stop portal for you to easily access information on your accounts.

It allows for transparency throughout the support process by utilizing tickets and email alert notifications. Which not only enhances communication but it improves merchant relationships.

Managers now have the ability to track performance and productivity of their sales reps unveiling areas of success or deficiency.

What are the latest improvements with EPIC?


  • Ticketing System: Since the eSales support enhancements, every request is now being tracked within the system. This will allow for notifications to be sent to you when a member of our support team has completed a request, replied to a request or when the requests have been updated.
  • Status Notifications: EPIC will now send you notifications via email when deals are received, pended, approved, declined and installed. This EPIC enhancement gives you everything in real-time and always keeps you in the loop! Could it be any easier?!
  • ISO Hierarchy: Through a single set of credentials, users that have multiple ISO numbers can now view all of their accounts (sub accounts and sub rep accounts). This means…no more logging in multiple times! This also allows for information to be easily searched and sorted through.

EPIC Next Generation is an exciting new tool we are proud to offer you. It will be continually updated and enhanced as we strive to create a mutually beneficial tool that supports both you and your merchants.

Quick Tip: To access EPIC Next Generation, be sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser!

Be sure to keep checking your email for the latest updates with EPIC and don’t forget that we are social! Follow us on; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin! We make efforts to keep our social media active so follow us to keep up with all latest news about EPSG!

Kristen La Marca

Social Media & Marketing Intern

Courtney Rosenblatt

Social Media & Marketing Intern