It’s summertime, and the living is easy. Our Kickoff to Summer 2018 Sales Contest is well underway and Jeff Burke, AVP of Sales Operations has some important tips for our Sales Partners to keep sales hot this month.


Tip #1: Set Mini Goals
Set a few mini goals to keep your activity up and your spirits high. Perhaps it is reaching out to ten new business contacts each week, or meeting with four potential referral sources per month. Whatever you decide, smaller goals can keep you moving forward and make reaching your bigger goals – like winning that BBQ! – more attainable.


Tip #2: Change Up Your Messaging
No one answering your emails or calls? Try changing up your message with a splash of humor, especially if you’ve already established a good relationship. Don’t be afraid to go for the hard close to get the deal done!


Tip #3: Ask For Referrals
Referrals are nearly 50% more likely to close to close than other types of leads, so kick start a relationship with a personal recommendation from an existing customer. Use the opportunity to connect with an existing client and ask if they know of someone who could use a better way to process payments.