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EPSG Makes Surcharging Easy!

  • We send the completed surcharge registration form to the Card Associations for approval.

  • We provide required signage to meet strict regulations to your customer.

  • We pre-install surcharge capabilities into the equipment for fast activation.

General Rules

  • Surcharging program is for CREDIT CARDS ONLY.
  • Surcharging is not permitted on debit or prepaid cards.
  • Surcharging allows participating merchants to assess an additional fee to cardholders
  • Merchant’s DBA location dictates whether the merchant resides in a state that permits surcharging
  • Registration is required to participate in the program.

Registration & Approval

  • Merchant must submit a completed Merchant Surcharge Registration Form along with Merchant Application.
  • Merchant must receive notice from EPSG that their surcharging request has been approved before initiating program.
  • Upon approval, the equipment will be be programmed for surcharging and shipped.


  • Merchant must prominently disclose the intent to surcharge
  • Signage must be placed at the point of entry and point of sale
  • Signage must include the surcharge amount


  • Any customer’s receipt must provide the dollar amount of the surcharge.
  • A separate line item is required on receipts identifying the surcharge after the subtotal allowing for any discounts and prior to the total amount.
  • A refunded transaction must include all or part of the surcharged amount.

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