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EPSG provides you with custom branded gift and/or loyalty cards to help build your brand, increase average spend and retain customers! 90% of Americans participate in at least one loyalty program. Loyalty programs help to drive return business with incentives that reward repeat business. Our Marketing Platform, powered by Clutch offers you an easy to use loyalty system, which can be fully tailored to your business needs.


Small businesses need a reliable easy-to-use marketing platform to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Our platform gives you invaluable data on customer habits, quickly, giving you the freedom to run your business. We’ve taken the traditional points and punch card model and layered in a fully automated marketing platform that uses analytics and tailored campaigns to incentivize the behavior that keeps your customers coming back.

This solution delivers consumer insights and understanding like never before, driving loyalty and positively impacting your bottom line!


  • Build your brand and compete with national retailers
  • Know your customers and their demographics
  • Increase spend with personal, behavioral and business driving campaigns
  • Unlimited gift and loyalty transactions and no transaction fees
  • Fully automated campaign engine

EPSG’s Loyalty & Marketing Platform is Powered by Clutch.

The EPSG Marketing Platform, Powered by Clutch, is a Gift, Loyalty and Automated Marketing Campaign program. It allows merchants to generate loyalty and boost their brand using email campaigns.These automated campaigns are designed to increase purchase frequency, reengage lapsing customers, enhance average ticket value, bolster slow periods and more.



  • Digital Punch or Points Programs
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Powerful program Analytics
  • Easy Program Launch
  • Increased Customer Frequency
  • Improved Average Spend Amount
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction