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How would you like to make a sale in four different departments through the same merchant? How would you like to be the “Go to guy” or be known as the “expert” in your field?

Our industry is not known for having experts in it. Often times we look at ourselves as a commodity and generalists. EPSG is breaking all those misconceptions by helping you get to the next level in sales. Low- er attrition, higher volume, more revenue, less competition.

There is nothing out there in our industry that provides you with a more comprehensive training program in B2B. EPSG has a dedicated B2B department solely devoted to growing this vertical. Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? EPSG offers our reps a proven method of how to break into the B2B space. We give you the tools to get you there and the programs to participate in.

  • Do you know what “vendor consolidation” means?
  • Do you know why the cardholder is so important in the B2B world?
  • What is the difference between Level II and Level III and what does it mean to my merchant?
  • Why do I need to know how to speak my merchants’ language?
  • Why do I need to understand how they operate?

We train, educate, map out and support you on making the move from being a commodity to a consultant.


Diane Merrigan – Director of EPSG B2B