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At EPSG, we work tirelessly to bring cutting edge technology to the small business marketplace at an affordable cost. Data analytics have been used by big business for years. Large enterprises have invested their resources to generate analytics and harvested tremendous gains in business. With advances in cloud technology, we now have the ability to take large amounts of data and process it so that it is easily digestible and actionable. EPSG’s SB Analytics tools handle the load of processing bulk information and provide a platform for better business decisions.


The SB Workbench is a powerful marketplace of apps that help businesses manage and grow their business.


  • View projected cash position as far into the future as desired.
  • Plan for future expenses and produce financial reports from anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • All Apps automatically update the cash forecast, giving merchants better command and control over their business.
  • Merchants can look ahead to reach financial goals and be confident to know where they stand today and in the future.
  • Can integrate with existing accounting tools, such as Quickbooks.


Cash Flow Forecasting – At the heart of the Small Business Workbench is the Cash Forecast. Use the Setup Wizard to quickly and easily forecast projected cash positions as far into the future as desired. Merchants can plan for future events, such as payroll, taxes or capital purchases, and create action plans that minimize—or avert—potential problems. Most tools track what has already happened – the Cash Forecast projects what is expected to occur, giving merchants peace of mind that their company is positioned for financial success. Best of all, merchants who process with EPSG are entitled to a three month FREE trial of the SB Workbench!

eInvoicing – Our e invoicing App improves cash flow, automates collections and reduces accounts receivable time and costs. eInvoicing helps small businesses quickly create and send invoices to clients. Once enrolled, merchants can include a link for their invoice that will allow their clients to “pay now” using a credit card or ACH debit. All invoices can be managed from their App, which feeds into the Small Business Workbench and updates their cash forecast.

Inventory Manager – Helps small businesses more efficiently track inventory balances and adjustments. Best of all, getting started is fast and easy with our on-boarding wizard. Once signed up, merchants can quickly upload inventory information from .CSV files, custom-define item categories and set quantity alerts to help maintain optimal inventory levels. Adjusting inventory levels is just as efficient; mer- chants can edit multiple item quantities at once and track inventory adjustments associated with point of sale or mobile payment transactions.