Financial freedom – it has a different meaning for everyone – from exotic vacations or a new set of wheels to simply more time with your kids and college savings. No matter where you are in your career, joining the EPSG family of sales partners will put you on the path to financial freedom.

MULTI-PLATFORM INTEGRATORS – Never walk away from business. EPSG is expert at integrating multiple platforms, gateways and middleware so sales partners can support almost all of their customers’ hardware and software solutions. Give yourself every opportunity to say “YES” to a merchant’s needs, by having all platform solutions in your sales tool kit.


At EPSG, our sales partners experience the great promise of the merchant services industry – true ownership of recurring revenue. We deliver on this promise by providing our Sales Partners an Elite Sales Partner Agreement that clearly states your revenue streams will not be taken away or diminished regardless of production or other metrics. You should receive the majority of the revenue generated by your portfolio. With generous revenue splits, our sales partners can achieve real, long-term financial security and autonomy. EPSG shares the vast majority of true revenue with our Sales Partners. Our partners benefit from a low-cost schedule and majority revenue share on all line items including chargebacks, retrieval’s, PCI fees, and more.


You should have true ownership of the residual stream you work so hard to create. Our sales partners receive lifetime residuals with no production requirements.Experienced industry professionals choose EPSG because they are tired of building revenue for someone else.  At EPSG, our sales partners are secure in the knowledge that their residual income is truly owned by them and is not tied to production or any other requirement

No Middle Layer

At EPSG we partner with experienced industry professionals who know how to sell, how to build a portfolio, and most importantly, how to generate recurring revenue. With us, there’s no middle management dictating your schedule; creating unnecessary requirements or cutting into the revenue you work so hard to create.


You should receive exceptional sales support and portfolio management tools.  In their pursuit of a world class portfolio, our sales partners have a world class support team behind them. EPSG provides a world class support team and portfolio management tools, giving sales partners everything they need to build a life-changing portfolio and income. EPSG’s world class support team provides everything an experienced industry professional needs to maximize their portfolio and earnings.

EPIC Portfolio Management Tool

As an EPSG Sales Partner, you benefit from a world class online portfolio management tool called EPIC.  EPIC puts the engaging & useful tools at your fingertips. Merchant details, statements, batches, transactions, disputes and more.

Referral Programs

EPSG Sales Partners are able to share significant revenue with third-party referral providers such as community banks, associations, POS companies, accountants, distributors, franchisors, telemarketers, and more. Plus, our Sales Partners are not limited to sharing a few pennies or a few basis points with referral providers.  By offering big splits and exceptional support, EPSG Sales Partners are able to offer real incentives for valuable referral relationships.