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Q & A With EPSG

Aug 23, 2016 | BLOG | 0 comments

The social media team at EPSG conducted interviews with some of our key employees to get some words of wisdom. These words will give some insight on the new opportunities EPSG is giving to our sales partners, as well as how our sales partners can work efficiently without delays or impediment.

Interview #1

We sat down with Jamie Mecca, Application Department Supervisor, and talked to her about the importance of complete paperwork and how it affects the application process.

What is your role in conducting business with the sales partners?

J: To ensure their new application goes through the approval process smoothly and efficiently.

What is the most common error you encounter on the paperwork?

J: It’s not an error, but the most common issue is incomplete packages.

Why is it important to do the paperwork correctly before submitting it?

J: When receiving a merchant package there are strict guidelines EPSG needs to follow set by the card associations, sponsoring banks, and the federal government. The information provided helps pass these guidelines. The more information given, the better it is for us.

Do you have any tips for the sales partners?

J: Spend extra time working on the paperwork. Take an few extra minutes with the merchant to ensure that everything is completed, and then go over the paper yourself to make sure it is ready for processing. Make sure EPIC is set up correctly so you can seamlessly follow the full life cycle of the merchant account.

Interview #2

Jeff Burke, AVP of Sales Operations, took time out of his day to talk about communication and other important aspects of closing sales.

What is your role in conducting business with the sales partners?

J: I deal with sales both direct and indirect. Indirectly, I’m a support platform. I work with deal submissions, recruitment, training and teaching sales partners to navigate the products. My job is to make sure everyone is caught up. Directly, I work with sales partners and individuals. My job at EPSG is to make sure our partners experience is the best it could be.

What are the most common errors you see during sales opportunities?

J: In closed sales, not getting a full package upfront. We came up with a list of the things our sales partners need to get from our merchants. If they ask for everything up-front, it avoids 90% of the bottlenecks we have. Attending meetings and different training seminars is a great way of understanding the 360 of EPSG.

Based on your experience, how greatly can communication contribute to the success of a sale?

J: Clear communication is imperative in sales. Generally speaking, sales is a little more than a professional conversation. a solid sales partner asks the right questions, listens intently and clearly articulates solutions to those needs. Taking time to attend EPSG sales meetings can help sharpen these skills.

Do you have any tips for the sales partners?

J: Everyone wants to cut corners and find a golden rule for success. They think to be successful they need to be a slick, fast-talking, golden tongue, likeable sales partner. A good sales partner is someone who works hard and takes one step at a time. When they start, they shouldn’t get caught up on details. They begin with making relationships, learning how to speak. After sale 1, 2, 3, 4…1000, they start to see repetition and get better. People that want to start at 1000, meet the big people right away, and leapfrog to success won’t get far. They need to learn something from everyone, whether positive or negative. They should focus on activity over result.

Interview #3

Melanie Gonzalez, AVP of Product Development, talked about the many products that we offer at EPSG and how they help the sales partner increase profit.

What’s your role in conducting business with the sales partners?

M: I manage the products and bring in additional products besides bankcards.

How has the recent evolution of the products EPSG offers helped to advance the ability to makes sales and assist merchants?

M: For the sales merchants it provides a one-stop shop instead of just offering bankcards. It gives a wide range of diverse products.

What new products is EPSG currently offering?

M: We currently offer bankcards, POS, payroll, gift and loyalty, a full marketing platform where we manage their social media, security systems like EMV and PCI, and compliance.

How will these new products further help our sales partners in conducting their business?

M: It will increase residuals. Also the bankcard competition is fierce, so to offer other products other than bankcards allows us to compete in ways other than just the lower prices.

Do you have any tips for the sales partners?

M: Go outside of your comfort zone. Go to the E-learning platform and get trained at EPSG University for certification. This way the sales partners are more comfortable with selling these other products.

We hope this glimpse into the process will help you out in the field and assist your future sales ventures with EPSG.

Thank you all for reading.


EPSG Social Media Team