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Proven Formula for Success: EPSG Payroll Referral Program

by | Nov 4, 2014 | BLOG | 0 comments

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of our most productive EPSG-BenefitMall partnership teams in the country. This pair lives and works in the NYC-metropolitan area, focusing mainly in the Astoria-neighborhood of Queens. We greatly value their feedback and hope to provide you with their proven strategy for success. Below we have outlined the specific activities and behaviors which they attribute to their success. Take a look:

  1. Meet with your partner in person once per week.
    Face-to-face meetings are truly the most effective. This team uses their shared time together to plan for the next week’s strategy. Talk to your partner to learn what will be most effective for you!

  3. Talk to each other every day.
    Whether sending an email or chatting over the phone, it is especially important to keep each other informed of independent activities – discuss successes, lead status, and new opportunities.

  5. Cold call together.When cold calling as a team, you bring twice the value and subject matter expertise as a single salesperson brings alone. Furthermore, you’re tackling two major subjects that impact a merchant’s business which makes the most out of a merchant’s busy schedule. We were intrigued to learn that our Astoria team has NEVER been turned away by a merchant when cold calling together.

  7. Create a local network.
    Astoria is a tightly knit community with a myriad of businesses and commercial opportunities. These partners are familiar faces in the community and network on a local level. They have created a brand of service and small business advocacy and have become community ambassadors.

  9. Identify a problem and offer a solution.
    By taking a consultative approach, you have the opportunity to identify the merchant’s problems and offer a solid solution. When you educate your merchants on these issues you position yourself as an expert; as someone they can trust in the future.

With the merchant referral program launching November 17th, EPSG sales partners who are currently paired with a Payroll sales representative can look forward to merchant referrals coming their way. It’s a lucrative decision to invest the time, cultivate a solid relationship and build a successful network together.

Incorporate these best practices into your everyday activities so you can make the most out of your partnership!

Melanie Gonzalez

Melanie Gonzalez

Director of Product Development

Melanie has spent her entire professional career in the payments industry, working for Top 10 processors such as First Data, WorldPay and Vantiv.  She has a proven track record helping companies develop go to market strategies, build multi-million dollar sales channels and engineer highly technical product solutions that drive revenue and strengthen client relationships.  Melanie recently joined EPSG as Director of Product Development and will lead EPSG’s initiative to build an innovative and robust product suite.