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Tablet POS Solution

UNION POS for Restaurants & Bars

  • Simplified mobile payments

  • Online/offline – Work quickly even when Internet is down

  • Make menu & pricing changes from your mobile phone

  • A mobile or desktop, all-in-one device

  • Customize any report and view them on any browser

  • See a customer’s top favorite items & staff notes on the screen with a swipe or dip of a card

Tablet POS Solution

DejaPayPro POS for Retail

  • Simplified POS register on Cloud

  • Online/offline

  • Android register, tablets with Dejavoo terminals

  • A mobile or desktop, all-in-one device

  • Any number of registers / terminals combination

  • Supports SKUs, bluetooth barcode scanners & scales for most retailers and restaurants

Tablet POS Solution

What is Clover POS?

Clover is an all-in-one solution  for retail stores and

restaurants that replaces your cash register,

payment terminal, receipt printer, and barcode

scanner. You can use Clover to ring up sales, view

your inventory, track sales, manage employees, view

reports and take advantage of 200+ apps to make

your business more effective and to serve your

customers better.

Tablet POS Solution

Poynt POS 

Paying with credit cards is faster and easier, with a single slot for both mag stripe and chip cards, plus an NFC reader for Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and everything else. Poynt also comes with WiFi and 3G options, so you can make transactions from anywhere.

The Poynt Smart Terminal comes with a built in scanner and printer, but can also connect to cash drawers, scanners, registers — via USB on the docking station, so you can do business however you like to.