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Pave Your Own Way With Our Pathfinder Program

by | Jun 30, 2016 | BLOG | 0 comments

Have you ever thought about becoming your own boss? Do you want to pursue a career that can give you the life you have always imagined? Well then EPSG is the right place for you!

Let EPSG guide your journey towards a career with our Pathfinder Program. This program does not require any prior sales experience. Pathfinder partners you up with a mentor, one of our most successful sales representatives, who can guide you toward the path to financial independence. Earn a salary while you learn the ropes. Graduate to a full-time sales partner when you’re ready.

Who is eligible for the Pathfinder Program?


  • Current college students
  • Recent college graduates
  • Those who are unsure about a career path but are ambitious and driven to learn

Four steps you’ll climb along the way with Pathfinder:


  • Pathfinder provides the essential skills to become successful in selling payment processing and a variety of products and services.
  • You’ll develop and learn as you work closely with the mentor you are paired with. They’ll train you on every aspect of the business. Training including: mastering pitch techniques, sales acquisition and field visits providing hands on experience.
  • Confidence boosting! All great things start small. You will go from having little or no experience, to becoming comfortable in what selling techniques work for you. The higher the confidence, the greater your success!
  • Financial independence is in your reach. You’ll have the option to break out on your own and live up to your full potential by becoming financially independent.

Pathfinder agents will start off by earning $15 an hour including paid training and orientation! On top of that, we provide competitive bonus structure with a potential to earn up to $3,700 within your first 8 months. Incentives all around!

The Pathfinder Program offers you the freedom you have always dreamed of while giving you the skills you have always wanted. Follow your dreams by letting Pathfinder be your guide! Be sure to visit pathfinder.goepsg.com for more information about this wonderful opportunity.

Kristen LaMarca

Social Media & Marketing Intern

Kristen is the new Social Media and Marketing Intern here at EPSG and she is excited to be joining the EPSG team!