From Brett Sturm

EPSG’s President and Co-Founder

With 31 years industry experience, there’s one thing that’s certain for me.  The technology that EPSG has developed and adopted has changed the way we do business. In the early days, sales partners joined us because of our honesty and transparency. While that is certainly true today, going from 20 partners to 800 means adapting quickly with the times.  There’s no doubt the industry has changed, and a large part of that change demands developing the technology to meet and surpass the needs of our sales partners and retain our competitive edge with our partners and merchant customers.

EPSG is no longer just a credit card processor or merchant services provider.  We are an expert integrator of payment technologies. So, what is the key point of technology from my perspective?  It’s creating and leveraging new tools to increase sales by having the ability to input merchant information quickly and speeding up the installation process. We understand what the needs are of our sales partners and spend countless hours and dollars to maximize their experience. By now most if not all of you know Matt Byron, EPSG’s COO.  When Matt came to us over a year ago with vast experience in growing private and public companies, he told us one thing for certain.  In order to continue to grow in this industry, we needed to change the way we do business.  We listened. We knew that we needed an electronic application.  And that didn’t mean just electronically entering a signature as in DocuSign like many other merchant acquirers consider an e-app. And so, in April this year, EPSG introduced the Smart App – a single platform entry point now and for the future.  And by future, I mean that it’s constantly evolving and will continue to advance.  We have technology experts working on it every single day, improving its functionality and adding new ones.  We know that everything we do starts with the smart app.

As a sales partner, why is it so important to embrace technology and the Smart App.  As you know, there are several common pain points and paperwork errors or missing paperwork is most likely number one.  I can tell you that a lot of times the errors are based on Data Entry and not understanding the handwriting on the paper application or mistakes along the process.  Remember, on the level we’re at you’re talking about 7 different systems in 7 different states with thousands of codes and data points that the info has to be entered or transferred.  This can and does unfortunately lead to errors.  For instance, you might put in 20 cents in a field and one of these systems down the line may enter it as 200 basis points through no fault of EPSG.  One of the key benefits of the Smart App is that through algorithms and checkpoints, it will let us know if there are any errors and automatically correct them.

What is another key benefit of the Smart App?  Like many of you are all too familiar with, I remember after a whole day or knocking on doors, I would come home exhausted and have to spend two hours completing paperwork, finding the right addendums, making sure all the info and signatures were included and more.  With this in mind, and coming to Smart App by the end of September, is the automated maintenance system. What this means is that there’s no more guessing about which addendums or forms you need for your specific merchant application.  Smart App will automatically push it to you when completing the application. I can tell you with certainty, I only wish I had the Smart App back then!

I don’t profess to be the first to adopt new technologies. However, as a sales guy, if someone told me that I could make up to 30% more in revenue by embracing a new technology, it’s a no brainer. That’s what embracing and utilizing our Smart App can do for you.  What are the key highlights of embracing the Smart App.  It will provide you with:

  • Extremely quick turnaround on approvals, sometimes as fast as one minute
  • Fast deployment and tracking of your merchant’s equipment
  • More time by not needing to go back and forth with merchants for correct information.
  • The elimination of data entry errors and mistakes.
  • The endless hours of shuffling through stacks of forms and paperwork
  • Maintenance for your existing merchants accounts
  • Build confidence in your deliverability with your merchants

Rest assure, on a daily basis, everything that happens in this company today, the framework is around the Smart App.  Each day we are making new improvements and enhancements that will continue to streamline and efficiently change the way you do business.

Optix Elite ’19 on December 10th – 12th – Will You Be Joining Us?

Optix Elite ’19 on December 10th – 12th – Will You Be Joining Us?


Limited to only 8 Sales Partners, this exclusive, all-expense paid trip includes:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Accommodations for 2 nights, 3 days
  • All transfers
  • All meals and entertainment

Check your email for EPSG alerts regarding eligibility and qualifications

New Training Videos

New Training Videos

Take your knowledge to the next level with our new set of 12 comprehensive training videos. Created by Chris Hill for new EPSG sales partners orientation, it’s a great tool to brush up your skills. From interchange to statements and security to business solutions, each video focuses in a different key subject. Visit our new PARTNER TRAINING VIDEOS ON CAMPUS today.

Catch Up On Street Talk

Catch Up On Street Talk

Helping You Sell More

Hosted by Kevin Canada, EPSG’s VP of Sales, each episode has key information on sales techniques, how to do business better with EPSG, comprehensive discussions on equipment and security, and much more. Just click the link to catch up on all the episodes! 

Win a Smart Tablet

Win a Smart Tablet

Be The Next Winner!

Every SmartApp submission earns you 1 entry into a drawing for an iPad Tablet. The more SmartApp submissions, the better your chances to win. Random drawings will be conducted live via Facebook. Congratulations to the first two winners Tony Tran and Cheryl Johnson!

Joe Panico Promoted to VP of Operations

Please join us in congratulating our own Joe Panico in his recent promotion to VP of Operations. Joe started his tenure at EVO in 2003 and joined EPSG in November 2017 as the Director of Operation. Joe’s responsible for overseeing Technical Support, Partner Support and Deployment. Congratulations Joe!

Welcome Scott Sarrett to the EPSG Team


Reporting to Joe Panico, Scott is heading up all call center and deployment activities. Scott comes to EPSG with over a decade of progressive experience in managing and scaling 24/7 NOC operations. Most recently, Scott was responsible for managing a 3-shift staff with over 20 employees supporting major high profile clients such as Showtime Networks, Maersk shipping and U.S. military operations. Welcome Scott!