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NCR Silver: Spotlight on Concierge Services!

It’s important to know your merchants are in good hands with NCR Silver’s Concierge Team.  This team will be in charge of training, set up and installation of the NCR Silver POS system.

Here’s some useful information to understand more about how the process works:

  • Once you submit an NCR contract, a unique subscription number is created.  The subscription number is very important for a merchant to have handy, since merchants will need it to identify their account.
  • Merchants receive a welcome call from their designated Concierge agent within 24-48 hours after a subscription is created.
  • Merchants will work with the same Concierge agent during the entire implementation process.
  • Concierge is open from 9 AM – 7PM EST.  This does NOT mean that your merchant cannot receive service outside of these hours.  NCR’s Customer Service team is cross trained on Concierge services and is available 24/7/365.  Notes are always entered into the merchant’s profile, so everyone is always on the same page.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – please let the Concierge Team work directly with the merchant and do not put yourself in the middle.  Evidence shows that too much communication only causes delays and mistakes.  You get the deal signed – let the Concierge Team take the wheel from there!

NCR Silver’s Concierge Team is what sets them apart from the competition. Their level of support is unparalleled, which is why their Net Promotor Scores rank the highest in their industry.

Setting up a new POS can be one of the most challenging projects for a small business, make sure you are recommending NCR Silver – the leading provider of POS Systems, worldwide!

Melanie Gonzalez

Melanie Gonzalez

Director of Product Development

Melanie has spent her entire professional career in the payments industry, working for Top 10 processors such as First Data, WorldPay and Vantiv.  She has a proven track record helping companies develop go to market strategies, build multi-million dollar sales channels and engineer highly technical product solutions that drive revenue and strengthen client relationships.  Melanie recently joined EPSG as Director of Product Development and will lead EPSG’s initiative to build an innovative and robust product suite.