Did you know that EPSG has a Welcome Team that helps new Sales Partners who are just starting out with EPSG? Courtney Rosenblatt sat down with, Kevin and Ali from the Welcome Team to learn more about what they do and what working as a Welcome Team member means.

Courtney: Hi everyone! Thanks for sitting down with me today. For those who don’t know, can you start out by telling me a little bit about what the goal of the Welcome Team is? Can, you help educate the Sales Partners to make it easier for them when starting out?

Kevin: Yes, we do. But it’s not just that. We also provide support. I think the Welcome Team is extremely important for new Sales Partners because people can be truly lost when they’re first starting out in this industry. We try to give them the reassurance that someone is there for them when they need help and they don’t have to feel like they’re alone on their journey.

Courtney: I’m sure that helps them while they are learning the ropes. So, what is the process of what the Welcome Team does? Tell me a little bit about how it works.


Ali: After the Sales Partner sends in their paperwork and gets approved we decide, who (out of the 3 of us) will do the welcome call. We try to do the call as soon as the partner is available, and the call usually is 20-40 minutes depending on their experience in the industry. We then show them the EPIC portal, where to find necessary forms and where they can watch training videos.

Courtney: With that being said, I am interested in learning what qualities you need to be a successful member of the Welcome Team. You all are so friendly and patient!


Kevin: Thank you! Well, to be successful on the Welcome Team you must be personable and friendly. You’re talking with all different types of people so it’s important to be that approachable person they can reach out to. Knowledge of the industry is also crucial because you need to know the ins and outs to answer questions appropriately.

Ali: I agree with Kevin. You must be personable because we are the first people they are meeting at EPSG. We want them to feel at ease throughout this process, not challenging them or making the process more difficult for them. Also, you are right that you do need patience because some people are just learning about the industry for the first time, but even if they do have experience, they need to learn specifically how we operate.

Courtney: Ok so now we know what you guys do and what it takes to be successful. But I am curious to know what it is about being a part of the Welcome Team that each one of you enjoy the most?


Kevin: I like being able to engage with the new Sales Partners and assist them in any way that I can. I get to build a rapport with these people from the moment they sign up with EPSG and it’s always great to see how much they grow from the time they sign up their first deal.

Ali: It really is great seeing how they grow. And having a sales background, I identify with a lot with the new Sales Partners. It’s fun to meet new people because you learn about their backgrounds and their individual personalities. Being a part of the Welcome Team is one of my favorite responsibilities at EPSG.

Courtney: Thank you all for the interview. I learned a lot about what your team does, and I am sure our new Sales Partners appreciate your help!