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Improving Your Strategy

Getting beat up out in the field? Take a look at these 6 quick steps to improve your sales techniques!

  1. Change your mentality about your territory. If you do need to change your territory, transition to somewhere where you know you can be consistent and successful.

  3. Change your pitch. Recognize that what you’re saying isn’t working and practice your pitch with someone to receive feedback. Change your product: If what you are trying to sell isn’t working, shift your focus and offer a different product.

  5. Find a partner. It can get boring being on your own, but having a partner can allow you to critique each other, make changes, and improve your pitches.

  7. Go where the competition isn’t. In rural markets there is less competition, but many business opportunities. Industrial districts can also be intimidating, but may contain types of businesses that you haven’t looked into before. There are a lot of revenue possibilities.

  9. Don’t prejudge businesses. No matter what a business looks like from the outside, there is still a business opportunity to be had. If you’ve had a bad experience with a certain industry, don’t skip that industry just based on one bad experience.

  11. Use referrals. Once you do an install for a client, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Assuming you set them up correctly, they will be happy and excited to be doing business with you. Utilize fees to your advantage, by offering referrals in exchange for waived fees.
Kevin Canada

Kevin Canada


After a successful tenure as a sales agent for EPSG Direct, Kevin was promoted to the National Sales Director out of the Austin, Texas office which houses our national recruiting team as well oversees the management for EPSG’s sales efforts nationwide.