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Time For a Better SolutionWith comprehensive resources and scalability, EPSG will provide you with a dependable, secure infrastructure and first rate pricing for all of your payment processing needs.

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Cloud-based POS provides merchants with affordable, easy to use, secure systems with a modern interface, sleek hardware and a smaller footprint.


EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa – a common set of security standards and enhanced technology that uses a smart chip to authenticate cardholders with their cards. Since its inception, EMV has proven to reduce fraud.


Get custom branded gift and/or loyalty cards to help build your brand, increase average sale and retain customers. Our easy-to-use loyalty system can be fully tailored to your business needs.


Get award winning, state of the art payroll services such as accounting software integration, employee scheduling and attendance and customized interfaces. Our payroll services also include larger products such as 401k retirement planning and investment, workers’ compensation insurance, tax and year-end services, HR Resource center and HelpLine.


Optimize workflow and payment strategies to gain maximum benefits from card acceptance. Provide Level II and III data (line-item detail) in conjunction with Commercial Card transactions to your customers with EPSG’s easy-to-use solutions.


Every small business can use additional capital from time to time. EPSG has partnerships with multiple 3rd party lenders that provide a variety of financial products helping today’s small businesses with their cash flow needs. Our alternative lending options are more flexible than traditional bank loans and can be an option for business owners with bad credit.


If you are a startup or well established, EPSG understands how critical POS hardware is to any business. EPSG’s POS hardware leasing program allows your business to have the newest and best hardware without becoming cash constrained. We offer you the ability to pay for your POS hardware in smaller incremental amounts in order to not hinder your business’s cash flow and allowing you to budget accordingly.


Avoid bounced checks and bank fees as a result of accepting nonsufficient funds (NSF) checks. EPSG can provide you with a check services systems that scan customers’ checks and alert you of negative and NSF check risks. EPSG uses the latest technology to help protect you from malicious financial attacks and loss of inventory.


EPSG takes data security seriously, whether it is their own data, merchant’s data or the end user (customer). EPSG specializes in the prevention of unauthorized access to electronic payment systems by individuals who are typically looking to steal customers’ personal details such as credit card information. Along with our partners, we aim to create a safe environment for customers to complete their purchases and transactions.

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