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Getting Organized; A Methodical Approach to Success

Traditionally, salespeople are not the most organized people in the world. With any career you really need a vision; you need to be able to set yourself up for success. At EPSG we want to give you the support you need, but ultimately your success is up to you. If you’re not taking a methodical approach to the way that you draw in business, process your applications and everything else, then you are selling yourself short.

Planning Your Day Properly

  • Set appointments strategically. Set appointments for first thing in the morning because if the deal falls through, you still have the rest of the day to make something happen. You can also set appointments in the afternoon so you have the morning to do other business without potentially being late.
  • Give merchants controlled options. Give them multiple dates and times that work for you, and allow them to choose the one that works best. This gives you control, but gives the merchants options. This takes out the guesswork of deciding on when to meet next.
  • Give yourself time for prospecting. In between your appointments, you should be cold calling, working a territory, working on referral sources, or knocking on doors to proactively draw in business. You have to pick a timeframe and stick to it, because eventually your source list runs out and you need to be sure that the funnel is being continuously filled.
  • Always pick a day for your leads. Once a week, you should take time to call every cold, warm or hot lead that you have. Also, you should take this time to confirm appointments that are coming up in the near future and plan your week accordingly.

Planning Long Term Goals

  • Any plan that can’t be adjusted on the fly is a bad plan!
  • If you have trouble visualizing long term, then set your goals by quarter to create less pressure on yourself.
  • Remember, you can’t make people buy, but you can change your behavior and how seriously you take your career.
  • Make time to plan your week, month, quarter, etc. It will make things less stressful for you in the long run.

Remember, organization is a key component of success in any business. Once you take the time to visualize your plan, you can effectively take the steps necessary to achieve your professional goals.

Jeff Burke

Jeff Burke


As the AVP of Sales Operations Jeff oversees Agent Support for the company ensuring our sales partners have a positive experience working with EPSG. Jeff is also heavily involved with recruiting and training both novice and veteran agents.