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What is Fast Casual?“Fast casual sits between the more traditional full-service restaurants and the typical fast food establishments. Like fast food, fast casual is typically order-at-the- counter and offers no table service.

What to consider when pursuing a Fast-Casual merchant:

  • A POS system should automatically be in tune with a merchant’s daily procedures for smooth processing and should ultimately be user friendly.
  • Different types of restaurants have different priorities, so make sure you know that the POS system has the necessary tools for your merchant’s workflow.
  • Your merchant should have access to support teams 24/7 to ensure any issues or concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

What EPSG has to offer for Fast Casual – Clover, NCR, Poynt, Gift and Loyalty Solutions, and Alternative Financing

Clover offers various POS setups whether it is mobile or fixed. Clover accepts multi-payment channels such as EMV chip, NFC, Apple Pay, Android Pay, gift card and cash. They also have the option for extreme-portable processing so merchants can take a terminal right to customers wherever they may be. They also have restaurant management tools like inventory management, and reporting.

NCR is great for merchants who are looking for their 1st POS, looking to upgrade from Cash Register, or have a single site and are looking to expand. There are built-in loyalty and marketing tools, merchants can manage inventory, and have access to reliable live support 7 days a week.

Poynt delivers an all-in-one device that makes customer service better for diners and waitstaff. It has a sleek touchscreen interface that cuts down on errors due to misreading order tickets. Poynt is equipped with a card reader that is built into the device, allowing for quick bill payments right at the table. There are also various apps available at your fingertips for Employee Time Management, order ahead for customer’s convenience, and has gift and loyalty.

EPSG’s Gift, Loyalty and Marketing Platform provides both an effective and affordable end-to-end solution through a single source. Merchants have access to detailed analytics to measure ROI and EPSG offers gift cards and loyalty programs to help attract and retain merchant’s loyal customers and increase revenues.

EPSG’s Alternative Financing Solutions gives a variety of lending products, such as cash advance, lines of credit, small business loans and equipment financing. Fast Casual restaurants can normally benefit from working capital even more so then other verticals. Whether it’s a new piece of kitchen/restaurant equipment, improving line speed and efficiency, or expansion of space, their fast-paced environment accelerates the benefits of quick capital.

Visit the campus for more information. Stay tuned for next week’s street talk about Fast Casual on 2/22.

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