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The fact is, selling bankcards just isn’t enough anymore.

Small businesses are looking to form relationships with vendors that will take their business to the next level and let’s face it – offering to beat a merchant’s existing processing rates by 5 basis points just isn’t a compelling conversation.  What’s the result?  You either undercut your rates so low that you obliterate your commission or you wind up being turned away…

But what if you could offer much more than low rates on bankcards?  What if you could transition into an advisor, a mentor or a small business consultant who can analyze a merchant’s entire small business ecosystem and offer recommendations on how to help their business GROW, become more efficient and productive?  Then your value would be immeasurable and you’d gain customers for life!

Now you may fear that the technology is too different, too difficult, too much to learn and that you don’t have the tools to take you to the next step.  But that was yesterday, let’s focus on today!

Welcome to EPSG University.

Since today’s product trends focus heavily on technology, we’ve created a platform to help our sales partners have the confidence, skill and subject matter expertise necessary to sell technology based products.

EPSG University is an eLearning platform that will offer multiple Courses.  These Courses will not bog you down in technical jargon, but will teach you the sales skills you need to demonstrate how the technology helps merchants improve operations, run effective marketing programs and manage their business efficiently so they can spend less time at work and more time doing what they love!

Once you complete the Course, you will receive an updated business card embossed with your Certification, a Sales Playbook and Course Certificate.

So although we are asking you to step away from the mindset of bankcard sales, understand that the new knowledge you acquire will position you to:

  • increase and secure your residuals
  • create long standing, consultative relationships with your customers
  • provide a platform to upsell an infinite number of products and services
  • produce much stickier customers

Look for upcoming announcements about EPSG University – and get ready to take your career to the next level with EPSG!

Melanie Gonzalez

Melanie Gonzalez

Director of Product Development

Melanie has spent her entire professional career in the payments industry, working for Top 10 processors such as First Data, WorldPay and Vantiv.  She has a proven track record helping companies develop go to market strategies, build multi-million dollar sales channels and engineer highly technical product solutions that drive revenue and strengthen client relationships.  Melanie recently joined EPSG as Director of Product Development and will lead EPSG’s initiative to build an innovative and robust product suite.