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We can be better as sales partners and as a company by learning to understand how we can appropriately service our customers. We need to turn negatives into positives. This industry is extremely unique and we would like our sales partners to be the middleman between EPSG and the merchant. We can be better with communicating with our merchants and being that liaison for customer service.

Tips for sales partners:

  1. Always answer your phone. There’s a possibility it could be a problem, but that problem may be small enough to be solved quickly over the phone. On the other hand, it could also be a referral and if you don’t answer it becomes lost business for you.
  2. Direct traffic to get problem solved efficiently. Put your merchants in the right position to have their problem solved quickly.
  3. Calm the situation; you need to deescalate the situation so we can be more effective in servicing them. Find the solution first and then discuss how to avoid the problem in the future.
  4. Be sympathetic, but don’t make it worse. You don’t want to enflame the situation by making yourself or the company look bad because there is usually a simple fix.
  5. Turn it into a positive and become the hero of the situation. It is nice to be able to fix a problem and make yourself look knowledgeable.

We want you to be involved with your merchants so you can build lasting relationships. This makes you a more effective sales partner and will lead to more business. The more you take care of your customers, the longer they will stick around.

Rules to take care of your customers:

  1. Listen to your merchants problems; let them express their concerns.
  2. Be effective and be efficient.
  3. Utilize the platforms that we created for you such as EPIC for tickets or the Campus for forms and information.
  4. Educate your merchants.
  5. Make their problems, your problem.
  6. Always follow up.
Kevin Canada

Kevin Canada


After a successful tenure as a sales agent for EPSG Direct, Kevin was promoted to the National Sales Director out of the Austin, Texas office which houses our national recruiting team as well oversees the management for EPSG’s sales efforts nationwide.