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Industry Veteran Joins EPSG as VP of Marketing

EPSG Welcomes new VP of Marketing

EPSG is pleased to welcome industry veteran Greg Slote as our new VP of marketing. “We are excited to have Greg as part of our executive team steering our marketing initiatives and helping to bring EPSG to new levels for 2019,” says President Brett Sturm. Greg echoes the sentiment adding that he is “thrilled to be part of such a forward-thinking organization that continues to evolve itself by seeking new platforms, technologies and talent.”

About Greg Slote

An expert in all facets of marketing, Greg Slote has spent the past 30 years growing enterprises through innovative marketing and branding strategies within the financial services, technology, manufacturing and media industries. At EPSG, his main focus is developing strategic initiatives to enhance and facilitate the way sales partners do business. An industry veteran, Greg spent the past 10 years at Federated Payments as the Vice President of Marketing prior to joining EPSG. Over his career, Greg served in senior marketing roles for a host of leading public and private companies including GE, DealerTrack, CMP Media and Ziff Publishing. Greg received his BS in Business from New York University. During off hours, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar and piano, holds a black belt in Karate and is an avid foosball player.

12 Apps of December 2018

12 Apps of December 2018

Celebrate the holiday season with our “12 Apps of December” contest. Any application submitted from now through December 31st gets you a gift from our toy chest. There are 12 gifts in all and remember, if you submit 12 applications you will receive each one of our gifts or its cash equivalent, your choice. The cumulative gift value for this contest is $2,655 plus a possible $1,000 bonus for a grand total of $3,655.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!


App Count Prizes Cash Equivalent Total Payout
1 App $10 Starbucks Gift Card $10 $10
2 Apps $25 Amazon Gift Card $25 $35
3 Apps $50 Virtual Reality Headset $50 $85
4 Apps EPSG Branded Swag Bundle $65 $150
5 Apps Luxury Pen $75 $225
6 Apps Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker $80 $305
7 Apps Netflix Gift Card $100 $405
8 Apps Samsung Galaxy Tablet $200 $605
9 Apps Rtic Cooler $250 $855
10 Apps Samsung Powerbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner $400 $1,255
11 Apps Traeger Lil’ Tex Pellet Smoker $650 $1,905
12 Apps Airline/Hotel Weekend Getaway Gift Card $750 $2,655
15+ Apps VIP Status at OPTIX trip $1,000 $3,655
Total Possible Value: $3,655


All prizes awarded 60 days after the contest ends. *Merchant must be approved, installed and processing with a verified batch of 50% of their stated application volume.

Deals must be submitted by December 31, 2018 but installed and processing by 1/15/19. It is EPSG’s discretion to choose the brand, type, or substitute for any prize reached within this contest. Prizes are cumulative. Sales partners will win each prize at each level as they are reached.

All merchant accounts must be able to be submitted to underwriting at the time of submission in order to qualify for the contest. The application must have all signatures, initials, voided check, tax id numbers and social security numbers, pricing, equipment, etc. It is the ISO’s responsibility to make sure all applications have the necessary information needed to progress to underwriting and no exceptions will be made to this rule. Other restrictions may apply at the discretion of the corporate office on an as needed basis. All contests are intended for and only apply to ISOs and or sales reps for EPSG.

EPSG reserves the right to alter this program at any time. Low profit accounts, franchises and multi-merchant accounts residing at the same location will undergo management review for eligibility.

Timing is Everything: 5 Tips for Getting it Right on Sales Calls


Warming up leads and closing deals takes more than a well-practiced sales pitch. Quite often it’s not about how you make your pitch, but when you do it, that makes all the difference.


Identifying times when you are most likely to get the undivided attention of a prospect is key to successful sales calls. Here are 5 tips for the best times to make your calls and close your deals:


  1. Pick up the phone on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Mondays are typically a hectic day as people are getting into work mode. On Fridays, people are often thinking about the weekend. For best results, try setting appointments on Wednesdays or Thursdays. By then people are in full-fledged work mode and in their most productive state. Of course, you must always take the specific industry into account.


  1. Set appointments first thing in the morning or right after lunch

Reach out early in the day before people get immersed in whatever they are working on to have the best shot at getting their full attention. Try between 8-9:30 am, or wait until after lunch around 2-3 pm. The trick is to get them when they are not yet in the middle of what they are doing so that they are most open to what you have to say. Again, remember to adjust those times to the business you are working with. For example, don’t call a restaurant just before the dinner rush or a spa on a Saturday afternoon.


  1. Avoid the dead hours

You can call first thing in the morning or early in the afternoon, but avoid picking up the phone from 11 am to 1 pm as these are dead hours. People typically step away from their desks and are out of the office to have lunch or do short errands.


  1. Do a little research before you cold-call

Get to know something, anything, about the person/business you are trying to reach so that you can personalize your call.  It will come across less as cold calling. Your efforts will pay off two-fold. You will not only be prepared, but the person you are calling will be more likely to listen to what you have to say.


  1. Make notes and follow-up right away

Jot down what you talk about during your call and follow up right away. An email with a quick thank, product literature, or when you’ll be calling next can make your call official and give you a reference point for future contact.


Bottom line

Maximize your time and sales by knowing when to get in front of your leads. These simple tips are a good place to start. Customize them based on your own results and watch your sales grow!

It’s August: Make Money. Not Excuses.

Missed last week’s Street Talk with Brett? Here’s a recap:


Yes, August can be slow, but while your competition is taking it easy by the pool, you can give yourself an edge. Just like great athletes, successful salespeople take advantage of the slower parts of the sales cycle to sharpen their skills, build up relationships and lay the groundwork for new business. Championships are earned during the off-season.


Here are three things you can do to keep to keep your performance level at its peak:


  1. Visit your customers 


Take this month to visit existing customers in person and build on those relationships. Sitting down over coffee can go a long way in fostering a conversation on your customers’ workflows, discussing how they use our product and any pain points or other opportunities they might have. You’ll not only boost loyalty, but also see how our products are helping small businesses grow!


2. Create opportunities for new business 


While some businesses are steaming hot in August, others are slow. Now is not the time to call on the seaside cafes, but it’s the perfect season to hit up the bowling alleys. Reaching out to businesses in their off season is a sure-fire way to start building new relationships that will bloom in the future.


3. Sharpen your skills on Campus


Take a moment to review the Campus product page and make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest EPSG product offerings. Check out our library of training videos, download the latest sales sheets, order new business cards.


Don’t just accept that it’s summer, kick off your shoes, and relax. There’s never an excuse to stop hustling. Take advantage of August and you’ll hit the Fall ahead of the game and ahead of your competition.

The Top 3 Ways to Stay Cool While Keeping Your Sales Hot This Month

The Top 3 Ways to Stay Cool While Keeping Your Sales Hot This Month

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. Our Kickoff to Summer 2018 Sales Contest is well underway and Jeff Burke, AVP of Sales Operations has some important tips for our Sales Partners to keep sales hot this month.


Tip #1: Set Mini Goals
Set a few mini goals to keep your activity up and your spirits high. Perhaps it is reaching out to ten new business contacts each week, or meeting with four potential referral sources per month. Whatever you decide, smaller goals can keep you moving forward and make reaching your bigger goals – like winning that BBQ! – more attainable.


Tip #2: Change Up Your Messaging
No one answering your emails or calls? Try changing up your message with a splash of humor, especially if you’ve already established a good relationship. Don’t be afraid to go for the hard close to get the deal done!


Tip #3: Ask For Referrals
Referrals are nearly 50% more likely to close to close than other types of leads, so kick start a relationship with a personal recommendation from an existing customer. Use the opportunity to connect with an existing client and ask if they know of someone who could use a better way to process payments.

Meet EPSG’s Welcome Team!

Did you know that EPSG has a Welcome Team that helps new Sales Partners who are just starting out with EPSG? Courtney Rosenblatt sat down with, Kevin and Ali from the Welcome Team to learn more about what they do and what working as a Welcome Team member means.

Courtney: Hi everyone! Thanks for sitting down with me today. For those who don’t know, can you start out by telling me a little bit about what the goal of the Welcome Team is? Can, you help educate the Sales Partners to make it easier for them when starting out?

Kevin: Yes, we do. But it’s not just that. We also provide support. I think the Welcome Team is extremely important for new Sales Partners because people can be truly lost when they’re first starting out in this industry. We try to give them the reassurance that someone is there for them when they need help and they don’t have to feel like they’re alone on their journey.

Courtney: I’m sure that helps them while they are learning the ropes. So, what is the process of what the Welcome Team does? Tell me a little bit about how it works.


Ali: After the Sales Partner sends in their paperwork and gets approved we decide, who (out of the 3 of us) will do the welcome call. We try to do the call as soon as the partner is available, and the call usually is 20-40 minutes depending on their experience in the industry. We then show them the EPIC portal, where to find necessary forms and where they can watch training videos.

Courtney: With that being said, I am interested in learning what qualities you need to be a successful member of the Welcome Team. You all are so friendly and patient!


Kevin: Thank you! Well, to be successful on the Welcome Team you must be personable and friendly. You’re talking with all different types of people so it’s important to be that approachable person they can reach out to. Knowledge of the industry is also crucial because you need to know the ins and outs to answer questions appropriately.

Ali: I agree with Kevin. You must be personable because we are the first people they are meeting at EPSG. We want them to feel at ease throughout this process, not challenging them or making the process more difficult for them. Also, you are right that you do need patience because some people are just learning about the industry for the first time, but even if they do have experience, they need to learn specifically how we operate.

Courtney: Ok so now we know what you guys do and what it takes to be successful. But I am curious to know what it is about being a part of the Welcome Team that each one of you enjoy the most?


Kevin: I like being able to engage with the new Sales Partners and assist them in any way that I can. I get to build a rapport with these people from the moment they sign up with EPSG and it’s always great to see how much they grow from the time they sign up their first deal.

Ali: It really is great seeing how they grow. And having a sales background, I identify with a lot with the new Sales Partners. It’s fun to meet new people because you learn about their backgrounds and their individual personalities. Being a part of the Welcome Team is one of my favorite responsibilities at EPSG.

Courtney: Thank you all for the interview. I learned a lot about what your team does, and I am sure our new Sales Partners appreciate your help!

EPSG’s March Madness Contest

Play EPSG’s March Madness for a chance to score points with your merchants while scoring nice prizes for yourself!

How it works:

There are three easy ways for active sales partners to take a shot at winning great prizes between March 1st, 2018 and tip-off at the final NCAA game on Monday, April 2nd, 2018.

How to earn account points: 

How to earn referral points: 

Bonus points: 

Earn an extra bonus point for sharing an EPSG March Madness social media post. Use the hashtag #EPSGMadness.


Courtney Rosenblatt

Social Media & Marketing Associate

The fine print: Promotion not valid in CA. Qualifications: Championship prize winner must have at least 30 accumulated points. Multi location deals must have different DBA addresses to qualify. Championship prize winner must be an active sales partner at the time of redemption. All prizes are subject to EPSG Management approval. At time of redemption of final four and championship prize, attrition of qualified deals must be below 10%. Regular comp plans still apply to all deals. *Cruise departure from closest port of winner’s location.**All merchant accounts must be able to be submitted to underwriting at the time of submission in order to qualify for the contest. The application must have all signatures, initials, voided check, tax id #’s and social security #’s, pricing, equipment, etc. It is the rep’s responsibility to make sure all applications have the necessary information needed to progress to underwriting and no exceptions will be made to this rule. And other restrictions may apply at the discretion of the corporate office on an as needed basis. All contests are intended for and only apply to sales agents and or sales reps for EPSG Platinum Services Group or EPIC Processing Services.

Featured Merchant Type- Fast Casual

What is Fast Casual?“Fast casual sits between the more traditional full-service restaurants and the typical fast food establishments. Like fast food, fast casual is typically order-at-the- counter and offers no table service.

What to consider when pursuing a Fast-Casual merchant:

  • A POS system should automatically be in tune with a merchant’s daily procedures for smooth processing and should ultimately be user friendly.
  • Different types of restaurants have different priorities, so make sure you know that the POS system has the necessary tools for your merchant’s workflow.
  • Your merchant should have access to support teams 24/7 to ensure any issues or concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

What EPSG has to offer for Fast Casual – Clover, NCR, Poynt, Gift and Loyalty Solutions, and Alternative Financing

Clover offers various POS setups whether it is mobile or fixed. Clover accepts multi-payment channels such as EMV chip, NFC, Apple Pay, Android Pay, gift card and cash. They also have the option for extreme-portable processing so merchants can take a terminal right to customers wherever they may be. They also have restaurant management tools like inventory management, and reporting.

NCR is great for merchants who are looking for their 1st POS, looking to upgrade from Cash Register, or have a single site and are looking to expand. There are built-in loyalty and marketing tools, merchants can manage inventory, and have access to reliable live support 7 days a week.

Poynt delivers an all-in-one device that makes customer service better for diners and waitstaff. It has a sleek touchscreen interface that cuts down on errors due to misreading order tickets. Poynt is equipped with a card reader that is built into the device, allowing for quick bill payments right at the table. There are also various apps available at your fingertips for Employee Time Management, order ahead for customer’s convenience, and has gift and loyalty.

EPSG’s Gift, Loyalty and Marketing Platform provides both an effective and affordable end-to-end solution through a single source. Merchants have access to detailed analytics to measure ROI and EPSG offers gift cards and loyalty programs to help attract and retain merchant’s loyal customers and increase revenues.

EPSG’s Alternative Financing Solutions gives a variety of lending products, such as cash advance, lines of credit, small business loans and equipment financing. Fast Casual restaurants can normally benefit from working capital even more so then other verticals. Whether it’s a new piece of kitchen/restaurant equipment, improving line speed and efficiency, or expansion of space, their fast-paced environment accelerates the benefits of quick capital.

Visit the campus for more information. Stay tuned for next week’s street talk about Fast Casual on 2/22.

Courtney Rosenblatt

Social Media & Marketing Associate

Episode 13 - February 8, 2018

by Kevin Canada | Street Talk - Fast Casual - Hosted by Kevin Canada

Future of EMV

EMV has been a hot topic in the payment card industry for the last few years. In preparation for our next Street Talk topic, our Executive Sales Team shared their thoughts regarding the future of EMV.

EMV ideally will allow seamless processing of transactions and it will be compatible on all payment devices. At this moment, we are unaware of all the pitfalls, errors, and headaches we may encounter. To get to that point, processors, merchants, and anyone associated with the payment industry will absolutely experience sleepless nights, unhappy clients, as we cannot expect technology to work perfectly. Over time and through experiences we will prepare, learn and grow with EMV.

Brett Sturm

President, EPSG

When EMV first came out and we learned pin numbers on credit cards was the future, my thought was “no way!”  American consumers and merchants are way too stubborn to adopt such a drastic change in behavior. Now we’re 2+ years in, and although there were whispers early on of resistance, my feeling now is without a doubt chip and pin is definitely the future.  It’s going to suit everyone here and now to accept that fact and hopefully the technology catches up quickly.

Jeff Burke

AVP, Sales Operations, EPSG

As we move farther down the road from the EMV liability shift date, we still have two industry subsets that seem to be lagging with the transition. One is pay at the pump gas stations and the other is restaurants where customers pay while sitting at the table. What we have learned about this process is that the lack of forward momentum specifically in the restaurant industry. One of those factors being the overall cost of upgrading equipment. I firmly believe that although initially slow, the transition will begin finding some rapid forward momentum over the next 12 months.

Kevin Canada

Vice President of Sales, EPSG

Episode 12 - January 25, 2018

by Jeff Burke, Brett Sturm, and Kevin Canada | Street Talk - The Future of EMV