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5 Sales Do’s and Don’ts

The next time you visit an existing merchant or try to make a new sale, keep these helpful tips in mind:


  1. Stop selling and start helping. Learn about peoples challenges, both personally and professionally and genuinely try to make their lives easier.
  2. Become a chameleon. Know your audience and alter your communication and the connections you make with certain people, but always stay true to your values.
  3. Be persistent, consistent, and not aggressive. Good customers will respect your persistencey and consistency. Don’t be too aggressive after you sign the account, continue support, but try not to bother them.
  4. Soft sells close big deals. If you’re in a high pressure sales standpoint you’re never going take on the larger opportunities that would bring you a more lasting opportunity to earn income. Be able to be flexible, stay in touch with prospects even after they say no. No is still an opportunity, it just means “not right now”.
  5. Educate merchants with industry information. Show success with other clients that are in the same or similar industry as them. You should never act desperate; merchants should feel like they need you.
Kevin Canada

Kevin Canada


After a successful tenure as a sales agent for EPSG Direct, Kevin was promoted to the National Sales Director out of the Austin, Texas office which houses our national recruiting team as well oversees the management for EPSG’s sales efforts nationwide.