Celebrate the holiday season with our “12 Apps of December” contest. Any application submitted from now through December 31st gets you a gift from our toy chest. There are 12 gifts in all and remember, if you submit 12 applications you will receive each one of our gifts or its cash equivalent, your choice. The cumulative gift value for this contest is $2,655 plus a possible $1,000 bonus for a grand total of $3,655.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!


App Count Prizes Cash Equivalent Total Payout
1 App $10 Starbucks Gift Card $10 $10
2 Apps $25 Amazon Gift Card $25 $35
3 Apps $50 Virtual Reality Headset $50 $85
4 Apps EPSG Branded Swag Bundle $65 $150
5 Apps Luxury Pen $75 $225
6 Apps Bose Soundlink Micro Speaker $80 $305
7 Apps Netflix Gift Card $100 $405
8 Apps Samsung Galaxy Tablet $200 $605
9 Apps Rtic Cooler $250 $855
10 Apps Samsung Powerbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner $400 $1,255
11 Apps Traeger Lil’ Tex Pellet Smoker $650 $1,905
12 Apps Hotels.com Airline/Hotel Weekend Getaway Gift Card $750 $2,655
15+ Apps VIP Status at OPTIX trip $1,000 $3,655
Total Possible Value: $3,655


All prizes awarded 60 days after the contest ends. *Merchant must be approved, installed and processing with a verified batch of 50% of their stated application volume.

Deals must be submitted by December 31, 2018 but installed and processing by 1/15/19. It is EPSG’s discretion to choose the brand, type, or substitute for any prize reached within this contest. Prizes are cumulative. Sales partners will win each prize at each level as they are reached.

All merchant accounts must be able to be submitted to underwriting at the time of submission in order to qualify for the contest. The application must have all signatures, initials, voided check, tax id numbers and social security numbers, pricing, equipment, etc. It is the ISO’s responsibility to make sure all applications have the necessary information needed to progress to underwriting and no exceptions will be made to this rule. Other restrictions may apply at the discretion of the corporate office on an as needed basis. All contests are intended for and only apply to ISOs and or sales reps for EPSG.

EPSG reserves the right to alter this program at any time. Low profit accounts, franchises and multi-merchant accounts residing at the same location will undergo management review for eligibility.