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10 Things Anyone Can Do to Be Successful

Below are 10 simple things people can do to be more successful without too much effort:


  1. Be on time. No one likes waiting on someone to show up for a meeting, especially a customer.
  2. Have a strong work ethic. Working hard makes it easier for you in the long run.
  3. Put in effort. All you have to do is try a little harder, and you’re guaranteed to see a difference.
  4. Use positive body language. When you’re selling, talking, or consulting with a customer, they can read your face and body language so make sure it is positive.
  5. Be energetic. Be excited about your product, love your product and know everything about it.
  6. Have a good attitude. If you go into a business with a bad attitude, you will walk out with empty hands and an even worse attitude.
  7. Be passionate. If you’re not passionate you will most likely fail because you don’t know about your product and don’t want to know your product.
  8. Be coachable. If someone has constructive criticism and tells you there are things that you can improve on, change it and be better.
  9. Go the extra mile. Go a little bit further and push yourself to visit those last few businesses even when you’re tired. Even spending an extra hour a week can be a big difference.
  10. Be prepared. Don’t walk into a business without knowing everything you possibly can about them. Know their name and what they sell at the very least. Get to know your customer inside and out.
Kevin Canada

Kevin Canada


After a successful tenure as a sales agent for EPSG Direct, Kevin was promoted to the National Sales Director out of the Austin, Texas office which houses our national recruiting team as well oversees the management for EPSG’s sales efforts nationwide.