EPSG’s New Agent Referral Program

Jul 6, 2016 | BLOG | 0 comments

Do you want to earn more money while building your legacy? With EPSG’S new incentive program, you can! We are looking to expand our team around the United States and would like you to join in our efforts to grow our organization while being rewarded for it! With this program, you have three new ways to earn quick bonuses and long term income.

Three Ways to earn more money and build your legacy:

  • Collect business cards from competitor sales agents and receive $10.00 for each one. Submit to resumes@evoplatinumservices.com, for eligibility and confirmation.
  • Refer in a new sales partner and receive 5% and $25.00 off of every application submitted and installed by new team member.*
  • Once the referred partner submits and installs their 15th new account, the referring partner will receive a one-time bonus of $1,000.**

Benefits to referring partner:

  • There is no management experience needed in order to receive bonuses and ongoing residuals
  • The partner will benefit from our experienced management team’s expertise and mentorship
  • EPSG provides all support and training for the new partner
  • EPSG handles all payments and commission management

Take it from our Sales Partners who have used this program and have found much success!


The agent referral program has been amazing for my career.  Being able to have other sales people out in the field that I can help has been instrumental in the growth of my portfolio. I have been able to leverage myself by having others out in the field doing the same things that I have been doing.  Having other sales partners under me has helped increase the growth of my portfolio by more than 30% alone!  I am truly amazed at how much this has helped my career by having a small team out there that we can help each other.

Also, the agent referral program has been a big part of building my personal portfolio.  Having referral sources that work with other business owners is critical to building a solid portfolio and maintaining that consistency.  Other business professionals see the value in what we have to offer and how we treat our clients so they are willing to help us and their business contacts at the same time.  We are also able to compensate them each month for these referrals so it is a WIN-WIN for everyone!

Not only has this program vastly increased my closing percentages over the years but it has helped me increase my production and to be able to attain my goals based on these relationships.

Todd Honohan

I have been personally using the referral program for many years. It has paid off in many ways including increased revenue, increased growth along with establishing a stronger merchant base to work with.

David Patick

For additional information about our new incentive program, contact HR@evoplatinumservices.com

*Standard partner comp. plan is required and begins when new team member submits and installs their 10th account.
**Must be full 3-year term customer agreements.
***Must be a direct ISO Partner of EPSG.

Kevin Canada

Kevin Canada


After a successful tenure as a sales agent for EPSG Direct, Kevin was promoted to the National Sales Director out of the Austin, Texas office which houses our national recruiting team as well oversees the management for EPSG’s sales efforts nationwide.